We Need More Diverse Books!

On Wednesday 2nd October, Ursuline High School was honoured to host the award-winning writer Patrice Lawrence who came to speak with Year 10 students from Ursuline and Ricards Lodge about her new book Rose, Interrupted. The event was organised in conjunction with Wimbledon Bookfest and Ursuline’s Global Reading Project which was launched last year.

Patrice gave a powerful presentation to the students which introduced them to her body of work, as well as to the aspects of her life and her identity which influence her writing. Many students were openly struck by her message on representation in Young Adult novels and how she seeks to diversify voices in YA literature so that more students can find a character who they can identify with.

After the presentation, many students had to opportunity to meet with Patrice and to receive a complimentary copy of her latest book. There was a palpable excitement in the air as students discussed ideas on representation in the book and film industry, as well as the craft of writing itself.

Ursuline looks forward to hosting more events with writers in the near future.

For more information about Patrice Lawrence and her wonderful YA books, please visit her website: https://patricelawrence.wordpress.com/


Thought for the Week
"Let your deeds and words flow from charity."
5th Counsel/18