Cracking The Code!

"It was really interesting to use our problem solving skills to work as a team and have fun solving puzzles!" Student

STEM Ambassador and Cyber Security expert Luiz Simpson met with 90 Year 10 and 30 Year 9 students who were fortunate to have a lesson each to learn about STEM careers and Cyber Security. He has designed a fabulous problem solving game- where students work in teams to crack the codes and access the final treasure chest! Enlightening to all those involved who are often unaware of the vast array of STEM careers available to them.

They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, describing the morning as fun, engaging, challenging, clever, exhilarating,  eye-opening, mind boggling and rewarding!

Students said …

"It helped develop our teamwork and communication skills whilst being really enjoyable – thank you."

"I really enjoyed the problem solving and code breaking activities and gave me a great insight into a STEM career I wasn’t aware of.."

Thank you to Luiz for taking the time to come and inspire our students about future opportunities available to them and help them realise the skills they already have and continue to build on each year whilst here at the Ursuline!

Armadillo Cyber Security