Chaplain Update


We come to the end of another fantastic year at the Ursuline, if not very different and slightly changed! During the summer term we had our Year 7 Retreat on the theme of refugees, which took place during refugee week. The students took part in several activities based on the national theme ‘Imagine’. In the photos below you will see some student pictures of the sort of world they would like to live in.​ 

Students were asked to draw, paint, craft or write a poem or short story entitled ‘Imagine a world where…’ In the second activity students reflected on patience and how much patients refugees need to create a new life before reading a number of personal stories.

This year our theme is ‘Insieme’ which means together. We have lived this out by working together to make change and create a stronger community. Even through we haven’t been physically together for some of this year, Ursuline online has helped our community stay connected! You should all be so proud of what you have achieved this year. As community we have raised lots of money for local and national charities, which is fantastic, well done. The acts of kindness you have undertaken during lockdown have been amazing, whether it was collecting shopping for a neighbour, cooking dinner for your family or helping younger siblings with their school work. You have truly lived out the true embodiment of Serviam.

Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers for all of your families.

Ms Murphy


Please click below for the full June/July 2020 Edition of the Chaplaincy Newsletter.