CAREERS Newsletter: AUTUMN TERM 2020

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End of Autumn Term Message

Welcome to the second edition of the UHS Careers newsletter. Here to keep you up to the date with the fast-changing world of work and share the latest careers news, statistics and stories that the students have had opportunities they were fortunate to experience.

This term has been a busy one as we launched the school’s first e-careers programme. So far, we have had 30 virtual encounters with a vast array of apprenticeship providers, universities and employers across multiple sectors. Students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the importance of linking their subject knowledge and the skills they learn today in school to future careers.

We have also spent time looking at the impact of COVID and the shift in the types of skills that employers are looking for in their future talent and jobs of the future.  According to the Skills and Employment Trend Report 2020, Technology, Legal, Finance, On-line Retail, Digital Marketing and Health and Social Care are key areas of growth with resilience, leadership, adaptability and communication being the top sought after skills. So it is our job to prepare students to be life-long learners, with a curious mind-set, equipped with a portfolio of skills employers want so they stand out in a competitive and fast paced, globalised labour market. 

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I would also like to introduce Anita Ryan, our new Sixth Form Careers Advisor (above). Before joining the Ursuline, Anita worked as a Careers Coach and a Graduate Recruiter for KPMG Professional Services Firm.

Here at the UHS, we welcome support from any past students, employers and companies who are interested in inspiring our students. If you are interested in becoming an e-careers volunteer and would like to find out more, please feel free to contact our Careers Lead at;

Thank you and we hope you enjoy!

Ms Petheram
Careers Lead

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Careers Newsletter Autumn Term 2020