A Taste of GCSE'S!

Year 8 had the chance to experience some sample GCSE lessons on Thursday 14th February- prior to choosing their options in March!

Students had the opportunity of selecting from a range of subjects; Music, Art, Art Textiles, History, Geography, Business Studies, Drama, Design & Technology, Computer Science, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Physical Education, Child Development & Care.

Here is what some of our students had to say about the experience..

"I enjoyed Business Studies and Music most during my taster day. I enjoyed Music because it was very fun and informative. Mr Williams gave us a task about writing music. I also enjoyed Business Studies as I enjoyed making a design for a more modern, colourful newspaper for teenagers. These taster sessions have really helped me with my option decisions."

Year 8 Student


"I really enjoyed my Food Preparation & Nutrition taster, it let me fully understand what I would have to do for GCSE. We took part in a typical style practical which was bread making with Ms Hoyles. When making the bread were we taught how important it is to do certain things (health & safety) and also how much each section (of the practical) makes up our grade. We were also shown a sample of a food project a student had done- it was a lot of work!."

Year 8 Student


"I enjoyed my History taster the most- my teacher was very nice. It was fun because Ms Ridpath was telling us how it can help us in the future. For example you can be a Journalist or do Law! We studied the Cold War. I think I am taking History as i achieve high standards above my target and I enjoy it!"

Year 8 Student


Thought for the Week
"Let your deeds and words flow from charity."
5th Counsel/18