Students had an interesting day at the STEM Hacker Box event run by a STEM Ambassador from Armadillo Sec cyber security company, where they were told of the ambassadors career background and current role in cyber-security.

Students then had to use various skills in order to complete a `crack the code` challenge in their teams. They were in high spirits playing detective working out a series of challenging clues in order to be victorious! This was made ultra-difficult for the students as a number of decoy clues were thrown into the mix!

Students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and said..

"This activity helped us work as a team, think quickly and despite its challenges It teaches you good life skills. Thank you for taking the time to come and teach us something new and interesting!"

"It’s fun, but challenging and really makes us think.."

".. an inspiring story of how sir (the STEM Ambassador) got to where he is now.. I never knew cyber-security was a job- it’s very interesting.."

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