Our Chaplain supports students in developing their faith. Each student is encouraged to use their talent, whether it is in music, drama, dance or ICT, to help others reflect and pray. Celebratory Masses and Advent Services are  held as well as special services for Christmas, Holy Week and Ash Wednesday. 

There are also opportunities for students to attend national events and conferences, and to participate in faith forming activities together with students from other Ursuline schools. Each year group takes part in a retreat day, in which different themes are developed in relation to personal development and faith. Speakers are invited to share their experiences. 

Students across the school are actively involved in supporting charities. Both by raising money and by being active in the local community. Year 7 run a community Christmas tea party. Year 8 students participate in a Youth Philanthropy Project and the winning group secures £1,500 for a local charity. Year 9 participate in the Ursuline Links group, which supports social justice charities. Whilst Year 10 provide support to a local care home.

Last year, students raised money for a host of charities and causes including Save the Children, Grenfell Tower, FORJimmy and the Womens Education Partnership. Students and staff members annually take part in the Race for Life supporting Cancer Research UK.

Students are encouraged to appreciate diversity and to build on the Gospel values of love, care, justice, peace, solidarity and respect.

For any further inquires please contact

School Chaplain

Ms Alana Murphy

0203 908 3149

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Thought for the Week
"Love God, serve God; everything is in that."
St Calre of Assisi