Sixth Form Admission

Ursuline Sixth Form offers an excellent pathway to your chosen university, further education, apprenticeship or training. We prepare you for the independent learning needed for lectures and seminars and our expert Careers Advisor offers one to one advice and guidance on university and career choices.

As a student at the Ursuline you have access to courses at Wimbledon College as part of our partnership arrangements. This facilitates a greater choice of subjects as well as different combinations.

Every Sixth Form student is invited to take full part in the life of the school through our enrichment programmes, societies, perfect system, leadership training and community service programmes. We give every student the opportunity to find their passion and develop themselves.

We have a flourishing enrichment programme in drama, music and many other extra-curricular activities. There are many opportunities for field work and cultural trips. Recent visits have included New Orleans, New York, Dallas and China.

Sixth Form Enrolment Instructions

Dear Parents/Carers,

Due to Covid-19 Sixth Form enrolment will mostly take place remotely this year (August 20th). Year 11 will have access to their GCSE results online from 8am. Using these in conjunction with the attached option lines and course entry requirements, your daughter should select the most appropriate option below and follow the instructions provided. Please only select one subject from each option line and please bear in mind that courses offered at Wimbledon College are subject to approval (if there are spaces available after their students have enrolled).

Students that are STAYING ON at Ursuline Sixth Form – entry requirements HAVE been met:

  1. Email Ms Williams (gale@ursulinehigh.merton.sch.ukno later than 10am with a completed copy of the table that you will find on the next page (please just copy and paste this onto your email)
  2. If there have been changes to subject choices, and the entry requirements have been met, please follow step 1 

Students that are STAYING ON at Ursuline Sixth Form – entry requirements have NOT been met:

  1. If the entry requirements have not been met for the original subjects that were chosen, but there are clear alternative courses that your daughter is happy to take (where the entry requirements have been met) – please follow step 1
  2. Where there are issues with enrolling onto courses (due to entry requirements, clashes etc) a member of the Senior Leadership Team will call to discuss your daughter’s course options. Please do not call the school, or email Ms Williams – we will be in touch with you between 10am-2pm
  3. Following the discussion with SLT your daughter will be enrolled on the course(s) agreed. Should there be additional issues to resolve Mr Barton or Mr Adam will contact you.

Students that are NOT STAYING on at Ursuline Sixth Form:

  1. Email Ms Williams (gale@ursulinehigh.merton.sch.ukno later than 10am with the following information:
    1. Confirmation that you will not be needing your place at UHS
    2. The name of the Sixth Form/College/Apprenticeship/School Leaver Programme that you will be moving on to (we are required to record this accurately)

If your daughter has concerns regarding remote enrolment, it is possible to meet with a member of staff on-site (between 9:30 and 11:30). If you have any questions regarding enrolment, or with anything you have read above, please contact me directly ( by 12pm on 17th July to discuss.

Yours faithfully,

B Barton


For any further inquires please contact

Sixth Form Registrar

Mrs Gale Williams

020 3908 3199 















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