House System

St Angela Red, St Bernadette Purple, St Catherine Green, St Francis Orange, St Margaret Pink, St Teresa Yellow, St Ursula Blue

There are 7 houses, each with a house colour which appears on the logo of the PE Kit shirt and on the House Captain’s badge. Each form in Key Stage 3 nominates two House Captains who have roles and responsibilities for promoting and organising inter-form events with staff. House captains receive the help and guidance of Sixth Form House Prefects and the School’s House System Director.
Two Inter-House events will run every half term, one selected Inter-House Sport at lunchtimes and one other event within a different area of the curriculum. Students can earn points within a different area of the curriculum. Students can earn points for their house in a variety of events. Events such as; sports, art competitions. Inter-House debating competitions are held at the end of the year. The House with the highest total of points at the end of the year will be crowned House Champions at the Inter-House finale which is on Sports Day. The House information boards have information on events and an up to date score for House points.
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