Student Leadership

“Having the opportunity to be a sports leader has improved my self-confidence and it’s a brilliant skill to add to my CV when I’m older.” Student

Student Leadership Programme

We trust and listen to our students, as well as implementing their ideas.

There are many student leadership activities which take place with every year group throughout the school year. For example student can train as action researchers, curriculum leaders, prefects and school council representatives.

Our student leadership programme consists of students working in teams on a number of projects across the school linked to the priorities in the school improvement plan.

Over 280 students are currently involved Current student leadership projects which include:

Working in teams helps students develop skills in resilience, planning, organisation, coordination, problem solving and enterprise. The success of the programme is reflected by the increasing number of students applying to be student leaders.

In the Sixth Form the Head Girl team act as ambassadors speaking at a range of events. They also lead prefects and support students across the school in their own personally devised project.

For any further inquires please contact

Assistant Headteacher / Student Leadership

Paul Williams

0203 098 3188