St Teresa’s Primary School (top, right) are the 2017 Covent Garden Primary School Champions with their product The Food Scanner - 'never let food go out of date again'. They were chosen by Mr Andy Hicks, Director of Estates and other Directors at Capco, Covent Garden at the final in Covent Garden.


The CAPCO Covent Garden Enterprise Challenge

The challenge is designed to enable Year 12 students to develop their leadership skills and the Year 5 students to develop an understanding of business and improve their enterprise skills; creativity, teamwork, innovation, a can do attitude, risk taking and  making your ideas happen and never giving up.  The Year 5 students said they learned all these skills and more. The semi finalist teams from Wimbledon Chase,St Teresa’sandJohn Fisherhave won the chance to visit the stallholders in the Apple Market inCovent Gardento presented their brilliant product ideas to the Directors ofCAPCOCovent Garden who generously sponsor this challenge.


Runners up were...


Best Buddy puppy – cute and affordable companion



Eye Ski – googles with all the tec you need