Girls Sport

"There is something in it not being socially acceptable to be hot and sweaty. Social media plays a huge part in the way some girls feel. Some messages are really positive saying 'Go train and be a really strong woman', but there are also a lot of pictures of people with perfect make-up and hair which is unrealistic and makes girls feel really bad about themselves."

Double Olympic champion Helen Glover on girls in Year 9 and 10 dropping sport


Great article written ahead of the Girls Go Gold conference at Wimbledon High School today. Where ourselves and Ricards Lodge joint 30 other schools from the Girls' School Association, alongside rower and former footballer Helen Glover and footballer Frank Lampard who are passionate about inspiring the next generation of sportswomen!


lampard with UHSgirls

Chelsea FC legend Frank Lampard providing a training session to aspiring footballers earlier on today at Wimbledon High School! They certainly look engrossed!