Enterprise Education enables students to understand the relevance of what they learn and gives them the skills and motivation they need for future success.

Our aim is that students leave the Ursuline as young women who have the confidence, skills, attitude and knowledge for success. To achieve this, learning is linked with the world outside the school gates and students are given the chance to participate in real life projects. We have developed links with over one hundred and fifty businesses and community organisations and these feed directly into the curriculum, the Serviam and the Careers Programmes. This permeability between the classroom and the community enables learning to be enriched and enhanced by direct contact with the world of work. Students become aware of opportunities available to them and are motivated by understanding the relevance of what they learn today for their future development and wellbeing.

Inspirational speakers are invited to our events to motivate and build students’ aspirations, and enrich their learning. Recently, this has included a Future for Girls from Physics Conference with female Engineers and Scientists, a Silicon Valley Comes to the UK event where students were able to learn directly from leaders and founders from global IT companies and a Speed Networking event with professionals from over 30 different organisations. Female journalists, authors and poets from all genres enrich student’s experience of literature. More extensive projects, lasting a term or longer, enable students to develop their skills in a particular field. This year, students participated in a three month creative project in conjunction with the Design Museum; a journalism scheme with the local Guardian newspaper and a six month,  Getting into Medicine programme led by staff from medical schools to support candidates pursuing healthcare and clinical careers.  This year Ursuline students from Years 8, 9 and 10 topped the London Debate Mate League working with students from King’s College London and LSE.  Each year students run an enterprise competition in local primary schools in partnership with Covent Garden London.

The quality and extent of our business links were judged as ‘excellent’ by Warwick University Centre for Education and Industry and we were proud to be awarded the Excellence in Enterprise Education Award.

We are continuously exploring new opportunities and developing new partnerships to keep pace with the changing world of work. We aim to inspire each student to formulate and pursue their own goals for the future. Many of our former students return to Ursuline High School to share and inspire students with their career and life experiences.

Student Voice

We believe that it is by taking responsibility for their own education that students can realise their potential.  Students need to be empowered to propose and develop enterprising ideas for the benefit for themselves and all students in the school.  As advocates for their own and others’ needs, students can increase their confidence and motivation and develop their leadership skills.

Student Conferences

Students lead an annual International Women’s Day Conference inviting students from other schools to take part.  Together they consider different issues relevant to their education and develop action plans for change.  Recent themes include:  Women in Politics: Making a ChangeA Future for Girls from Physics and  Connecting Girls: Inspiring Futures.

Student Council

Comprised of representative students, elected by each form group, the Student Council meets once every half term and plays an active part in school life.  It is the responsibility of the Council to initiate ideas to support student learning, respond to proposals from the Senior Leadership Team and raise issues and concerns.  Recent student-led projects include a campaign against online bullying and GCSE option choice advice clinics for Year 9.


Student Leadership

There are many student leadership opportunities at the school. They enable students to:

Develop their leadership skills and become more confident and resilient.
Fully participate in the life of the school.
Have a committed attitude to our Serviam ethos through making an impact and making a difference.

Students apply to become a student leader in September each year.  There are a range of student leader opportunities available:

Register Monitors: In charge of the register and notices
House Captain: Organise House events
Subject prefects: Support faculties with teaching and learning
New Technologies: Lead with ICT across the school
Teaching and Learning: Focus on teaching and learning
The Environment: Promote a healthy and green environment International links: Develop links with schools abroad
The Arts: Promote the Arts and develop creative project
Learning Resource  Centre: Develop and promote learning within the LRC
The Community: Develop projects with communities here and
beyond the school
Science: Promote science through enjoyable activities
The Media: Working in a team to produce a student magazine
Sports: Promote healthy living and sports in the community
Big Sisters: Support Year 7 students